Lab Description


In this lab, you will learn how to build out a basic Exchange 2016 organization in Azure. The Exchange organization that you build will consist of a single AD domain that is hosted on a domain controller called DC01. An Exchange 2016 server, called EX01, will be deployed to the Active Directory. The Exchange organization will accept mail for a single internet-routable email domain.

Your Exchange environment will reside entirely in Azure. As such, due to Azure restrictions, your Exchange server WILL NOT be able to send emails out to the internet. However, your Exchange server WILL be able to RECEIVE internet emails, as well as send and receive internal emails (internal to the Exchange org).

What You'll Learn

When you complete this lab, you will have a fully functional Active Directory forest and Exchange 2016 organization up and running in Azure. The only functionality that your lab will be missing is outbound internet email (due to Azure restrictions).

  • Learn how to deploy and secure a virtual network that will host your lab VMs in Azure

  • With the virtual network deployed, you'll deploy two Azure VMs to server as DC01 and EX01

  • After deploying the necessary infrastrcuture to suppor the lab, you'll configure custom DNS on the vNet

  • The fun stuff begins when you deploy and configure Active Directory on the DC01 virtual machine

  • After deploying Active Directory, you'll deploy and configure Exchange Server on the EX01 virtual machine

  • After installing Exchange Server, you'll learn how to install a public certificate on Exchange

  • You'll learn how to configure public and internal split-DNS to ensure proper email functionality

  • With the environment all setup, you'll learn how to confirm email functionality

Lab Curriculum

This Lab Consists of 9 SECTIONS and 70 INSTRUCTIONS / VIDEOS

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Introduction

    • Lab Diagram

  • 2

    Deploy Azure Resources

    • Provision a Resource Group

    • VIDEO DEMO: Provision a Resource group

    • Deploy a Virtual Network

    • VIDEO DEMO: Create a Virtual Network

  • 3

    Deploy Virtual Machines

    • Deploy a Domain Controller VM

    • VIDEO DEMO: Deploy the DC Virtual Machine

    • Set DC01 Private IP to Static

    • VIDEO DEMO: Set DC Private IP to Static

    • Prepare DC01 Data Disk for Use

    • VIDEO DEMO: Prepare Data Disk for Use

    • Deploy Exchange VM

    • VIDEO DEMO: Deploy Exchange Virtual Machine

    • Set EX01 Private IP to Static

    • VIDEO DEMO: Set EX01 Private IP to Static

  • 4

    Deploy Active Directory

    • Install Active Directory Domain Services

    • VIDEO DEMO: Install Active Directory Domain Services

    • Promote DC01 to a Domain Controller

    • VIDEO DEMO: Promote DC01 to Domain Controller

    • Configure Site in Active Directory

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure Site in Active Directory

    • Configure Custom DNS on Virtual Network

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure Custom DNS on vNet

  • 5

    Install Exchange Server

    • Join EX01 VM to Active Directory

    • VIDEO DEMO: Join EX01 to AD

    • Install Exchange Server Prerequisites on EX01

    • VIDEO DEMO: Install Exchange Server Prerequisites on EX01

    • Prepare AD for Exchange

    • VIDEO DEMO: Prepare Active Directory for Exchange

    • Install Exchange Server on EX01

    • VIDEO DEMO: Install Exchange 2016

    • Resize the EX01 Virtual Machine

  • 6

    Configure Microsoft Exchange

    • Configure Accepted Domain

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure an Accepted Domain

    • Create Send Connector

    • VIDEO DEMO: Create a Send Connector

    • Configure Email Address Policy

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure Email Address Policy

    • Configure Virtual Directory URLs

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure Virtual Directory URLs

    • Configure Outlook Anywhere

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure Outlook Anywhere

    • Configure MAPI Over HTTP

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure MAPI over HTTP

  • 7

    Configure DNS

    • Configure Public DNS

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure Public DNS

    • Configure Internal DNS

    • VIDEO DEMO: Configure Internal DNS

    • Create MX Record

    • VIDEO DEMO: Create MX Record

  • 8

    Install Certificate

    • Create a Certificate Request

    • VIDEO DEMO: Create Certificate Request

    • Purchase Certificate

    • VIDEO DEMO: Purchase Cert from Sectigo

    • Verify Domain and Create Certificate

    • VIDEO DEMO: Verify Domain and Create Cert

    • Complete Certificate Request

    • VIDEO DEMO: Complete Cert Request on Exchange

    • Assign Certificate to Exchange Services

    • VIDEO DEMO: Assign Cert to Services

  • 9


    • Secure the Lab

    • VIDEO DEMO: Secure the Lab Subnet

    • Verify EAC Functionality

    • Create Test Mailboxes and Test Mail Flow

    • VIDEO DEMO: Test Mail Flow

    • Confirm Outlook Autodiscover Works

    • VIDEO DEMO: Confirm Outlook Connectivity

    • Stop Virtual Machines

    • VIDEO DEMO: Stop Virtual Machines

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