Who We Are

A "Boutique" Learning Platform Built to Teach Real-World Deployment Skills

labITout is a “boutique” learning platform. Instead of offering courses that teach generic concepts, labITout focuses not only on building scenario-based skills, but also on explaining WHY certain solutions are deployed to address certain business requirements. The labITout platform blends traditional tutorials with video instruction to provide an in-depth learning experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

What We Offer

What sets us apart from our competitors is our REAL WORLD KNOWLEDGE. Our instructors and authors are INDUSTRY EXPERTS that teach you how to plan and deploy real-world IT solutions.

  • Our labs walk you through the deployment of REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONS that you are likely to see in the wild

  • With our IN-DEPTH EXPLANATIONS, you'll not only learn how to deploy solutions, but you'll also learn the "why" aspects

  • Through various lab DISCUSSIONS, you can engage with engineers and even other students

  • Our EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS are not only good at explaining things but they are also experts in their fields

What Sets Us Apart?

Three KEY REASONS to enroll in a lab today


    Our instructors and lab authors are industry experts in their fields. They actually work with the technologies they teach here.


    Leverage the labITout learning group to engage with instructors and even other students to discuss our deployment labs.


    Our detailed solution deployment labs teach our students how to provision and configure common and not-so-common IT solutions.

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